Yip – making progress on both Tina and Bruce -have a look at the updates on their pages

Added a page for Balthazar

Waiting on a new puppy – Balthazar a Caucasian Ovcharka   will be joining the family end of October 2018, will paste some pics of him here from time to time


Welcome to my home on the world wide web.

I am a bit of a compulsive “project starter” – hoping that putting my projects out there might motivate me to actually finish some of them….. Hopefully it will also serve as a repository of software and designs going forward (rather than searching through 50 downloaded files from 3 years ago)

I’ll probably also use this site to shamelessly re-direct you to my business site when I finally publish something you like.

Lastly – Comments on wordpress sites are a PAIN!! and since this site is rather low on my list of priorities I will not enable it – if you need to get hold of me, drop me an e-mail at