Egg Bot

The Eggbot started out as a way to test my new 3D printer. (well OK…. There is also a “plan” to replace the pen with a laser for what I’ll call the Egg-graver….)

While a bunch of 3D files for the mechanical bits and pieces can be found from Thingiverse  it quickly became evident that the software (and all the branches thereof was a complete mess)

Well I did the hard work and found a setup that works and if you feel like giving it a shot – head over to the build your own page for links and downloads.

The eggbot is controlled trough an Ardunio Uno (the set-up I used makes use of a GRBL shield)

Design is done in Inkscape (with templates and eggbot control pre-installed in inkscape)

For this to work you’ll need to use a Uno-clone with the CH340 driver