Welcome Dover No. 6

With Winter fast approaching we decided it was time for a little wood stove. Enter the Welcome dover. We chose this one since the water tank on the side looked like a nice touch that I’ve never seen on other units before.

Here we have the oven loaded on the way home:

While the stove looked awesome on-line it quickly became apparent that there is more rust than I’d though. So…. took it apart (unfortunately the 50 year old rusted nuts and bolts turned out to be tricky and instead of screwdrivers and spanners – angle grinders and drills brought the best results.)

Some rust and the oven in parts

And here we have some parts post rust removal and after receiving their new paint:

While the stripping, cleaning an re-painting continues I decided to replace the rusty mild steel water tank with this beautiful stainless tank.

OK – So have everything rust free and repainted. Next up will be re-assembly (waiting for some fire-putty and the flue)